• General peering policy
IRLToolkit's network is used mainly for unicast live content streaming. Our goal in peering is to be as close to the networks which we exchange critical traffic with as possible. As such, we hold a selective peering policy. If you are interested in peering, please reach out to one of our designated Policy contacts on our PeeringDB page.

• Peering over IXP
We generally reserve IXP connections for specific peers who are not willing to participate in PNI connections, or who have very low traffic volume (<100mbps).

• Peering via PNI
We generally prefer PNI connections, as they provide more reliable, private connections to other networks. We support singles or pairs of 1G, 10G, or 40G ethernet. IRLToolkit is willing to cover part or all of the fees associated with operating a PNI with other networks.